One Uke Minimum

Julian Abramo, winner of the first “One Uke Minimum” cover song competition.

At the 2019 Connecticut Ukulele Festival, we launched the “One Uke Minimum” cover song competition. We were looking for performers or groups with a focussed, arranged performance of a great song.

Any local band or group of 1 to 5 performers was welcome to apply to participate in One Uke Minimum. We asked for upbeat cover songs from any era.

We were blown away by our winner, 10 year old Julian Abramo with a fabulous arrangement of “A Million Dreams” from the soundtrack to The Greatest Showman.

.Julian tried out for our judging panel, found out he was selected and went home for a quick change of clothes.

And when he performed as one of our opening acts before Bruce Off Broadway, he blew our minds, and even impressed Jim Boggia with his impressive strumming and vocal technique.